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Hong Kong Hong Kong: 5 atracciones turisticas If you're thinking about traveling and seeing a new destination in Asia, Hong Kong is the answer. With a subtropical climate during most of the year is an ideal place for a holiday with a difference.

In a city like Hong Kong there is no time to waste to go all giving us, from their stores, electronics stores, to historical monuments to understand more from a different culture. Here we propose several alternatives for you to have in mind at the time of your trip to Hong Kong.

Repulse Bay

Hong Kong gives us the chance to meet Repulse Bay, one of the most spectacular in the region. Its beaches stretch along a blue sea and golden sand and soft. With pleasant temperatures make Repulse Bay an ideal place to relax on the coast.

The things to do in this place are very varied, from traditional acúatios sports practice or if not well try the food that we provide the restaurants in the area, so the bars that are available to tourists.

Victoria Peak

One of the most fascinating sites of Hong Kong's Victoria Peak, which is located at an altitude of about 550 meters, and is visited by an incredible number of tourists each year.

If you are willing to visit Victoria Peak not forget to bring the camera, and you can take pictures of a unique and impressive.

For travel must take a tram, which will take you to the top of Victoria Peak in just eight minutes, this will be a ride you enjoyed it.

Ocean Park

Ocean Park is one of the most popular offered by Hong Kong and has thousands of visitors a year.

The park has several attractions and activities enjoyed by both locals and tourists, within these attractions: the aquarium of sharks, we find the panda habitat, where you can see eat and enjoy their naps, roller coasters for Fun for the whole family and more.

This is an ideal place to visit with children and to top it off Ocean Park is one of the largest parks in the world, do not get bored ...

Zoological and Botanical Gardens Hong Kong

This Zoo and Botanical Gardens Hong Kong was opened in 1871. The park contains over a thousand species of plants, of which a large proportion are from tropical regions. You can also find many rare plants such as the Hong Kong Orchid among others.

In the spectacular Hong Kong Zoo and Gardens provide home to 600 birds, 75 mammals and 40 reptiles. The zoo contains a variety of unique animals such as the lemur, Bengal tigers, orangutans, jaguars and Chinese alligators.

This ride is definitely for nature lovers as well as for bird observers to be as they will find many exotic species such as red-crowned crane and others. Come and enjoy not miss it.

Tsim Sha Tsui

Also known as "the shopping paradise", in the district of Tsim Sha Tsui find an area dedicated to shopping and shopping. There is something for everyone here, from the parks, streets lined with shops bright and restaurants to enjoy traditional dishes from Hong Kong.

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