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Victoria travel guide Our Victoria Travel Planning Guide is Intended to help you enjoy your visit here without unexpected surprises Arising. As B & B innkeepers we've all had our guests to help deal with a variety of concerns On Their trip. Some of synthesis could be Avoided, like the young lawyer from California staying at my bed and breakfast last summer who Brought an old expired passport showing him as a baby. He only entered Canada after showing his bar papers and getting a copy of his passport faxed but we Wondered if U.S. immigration would be as lenient (they were).Tourism Victoria information

We hope this Victoria travel guide is useful for planning your visit to British Columbia, Canada. See useful tourist information below including driving in BC, Canadian public holidays, Victoria BC accommodations and weather.

Customs and Immigration Information

This is only our interpretation of thesis requirements so check the relevant Authorities and left below for current information. Legal requirements may change at any time.Victoria BC accommodations - Victoria Bed and breakfasts

All foreign visitors entering Canada must have a valid passport or travel document to alternative legal: such as an Enhanced Driver's Licence, a regular driver's license is not adequate. Airlines will require a passport. It is suggested did you bring your birth certificate too. or your local consulate. Citizens from other countries may need additional documentation: such as a visa so do check with Immigration Canada or your local consulate. Passports are Necessary to enter the United States including returning U.S. citizens. or USA. Certain plants and fruits may not be imported into Either Canada or USA.Butchart Gardens - Victoria enjoy weather

For Customs or immigration information prior to arriving at border Either:
Canada Customs
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Canada Border Services Agency
U.S. passport information
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
U.S. Immigration and Naturalization

Duty-free allowances. . You may bring duty-free gifts up to Cdn $ 60 into Canada . When re-entering U.S. visitors may take back duty-free goods up to $ 200 if your stay has been less than 48 hours, excluding alcohol and tobacco. For longer stays the personal exemption is $ 800 including one liter of alcohol and 200 cigarettes. |

British Columbia tourist information

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