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Planning a London walking route?

There are various routes that can be done on foot, all so diverse and varied to suit all tastes, cultural, scenic, writers, monuments, parks, pubs and bars, theaters, museums and galleries, etc.. It all depends on what you most want to enjoy.

And, with it, many companies are engaged in conduct guided tours where you can buy the ticket at the time or by appointment. Most of them have a cost, obviously. But I've also found some that have a very low cost or even free you can go.

Then I leave a website that I consider quite comprehensive and affordable, where you can inquire about the type of routes they make, features, prices, etc..

On this site you can find the different routes that perform according to each day of the week. Some of the most popular routes are: Old Mayfair, Darkest Victorian London, The Olympics walk, Harry Potter, Old Westminster, The Beatles "In My Life" The hidden Pubs of London, Ghosts of the Old City, Shakespeare's & Dickens London, The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour, Historic Greenwich, The West End Ghost Walk, Jack the Ripper Haunts, Saunter Soho, The Victoria and Albert museum, The footsteps of Sherlock Holmes, The Old Knightsbridge Pub Walk, The London Oscar Wilde, The British museum, Little Venice, Brunel's Thames tunnel, and many, many more ...

The cost is £ 8 per adult and £ 3 per child.

This company also offers day trips "ONE DAY TRIP" Bus to various tourist destinations outside the City of London as:

Bath, Bletchley Park, Cambridge, Canterbury, Charles Dickens Christmas Festival, Constable Country & Colchester, The Cotswolds & Oxford, Hampton Court Palace, Leeds Castle & Rochester, Royal Winchester, St. Albans, Ironbridge & Salisbury, Windsor Castle & Eton.


Phone: (0044) 02076243978

Moreover, "Transport For London" offers a practical guide walking routes you can take through the different areas of London. On their website you can download free maps of the six routes that form the official strategic tour of London that are:


South East

South West

North West

North East.

What's enjoy!

For other inquiries:

Best regards,


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Tell the old foggies to get outta town!
To City's Chagrin, Mayor Lays Bare Old Rules
Civics: Ex-stripper wants to undo years of strict planning in quaint town, critics say. Town's board will weigh her ouster.
GEORGETOWN, Colo. -- The ex-stripper ran for mayor, promising to shake things up. Koleen Brooks won and is agitatin...amage has been done,' said Dave Forristal, the town marshal, whom Brooks has accused of incompetence. 'I try to be an optimist and say this can resolve itself in a sane manner. But I don't see how anymore. It's kind of like a bad marriage--it reaches the point of irreconcilable differences.'
'They want to turn it into a retirement community. I'm pushing for change, and they don't like it.'

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