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Folks, today I will show you the reason for my absence this weekend. I was in heaven, EVEN! I made ​​a short trip to get out of the routine, and the target was Canoa Quebrada. Amazing place, which is about two hours from Fortaleza. It is incredibly beautiful, and I refer others to you. Canoa Quebrada has options overpriced hotels and food, mostly because of gringos who go there ne? After all, is tourism that sustains this county. But with little money, you can stay there.
I went with my boyfriend to a wonderful hotel called Il Nuraghe, which is close to Broadway, where it has the best restaurants in Canoa. The hotel is not very cheap as well, but we bought in collective shopping sites, and precinho came out very good. After all, it provides much comfort. Room very cozy, completinho, leaving nothing to be desired. Breakfast great, big pool, and a beautiful recreation area.

Find friends there, and decided to do a buggy ride. Yes, it was one of the best choices. The guide takes us to the main points of Canoa Quebrada. We pay the same tourist. We pass on gorgeous locations, and my boyfriend recorded tudinho. The bugueiro made sure to take the tour with emotion, and made us feel like a roller coaster. PURE Adrenaline! But do not regret it, it was great. 'm Just sore through so far, but part ne? Here below is a photo that was recorded well what this tour. My face does not deny the cries I gave.

After passing through all the points, the quick stop is on the dune by the sun, where everyone is to see the most beautiful spectacle of nature. It is simply amazing.

Those seeking good food in a canoe, I can name some restaurants that I went and loved. There were only two days, but gave it enough to know something of the city. The first night we ate at the Costa Brava. Chose mass but have other options too. The couple that was with us ordered shrimp, giant by the way, but still prefer our espaghetti Bolognese.

Also ate at Pizzeria and Creperie Ibiza, which has a really hot pizza. For dessert, we ordered Crepe Nutella, which I can not define here the delight it was. Sensational!

We had lunch on the first day, the beach, and in the second, the Pan Ceará, which is more pro end of Broadway, a restaurant and is very simple, homemade food. Super cheap option for those who go through there and not want to spend that much. The food is very tasty, and the most expensive dish is R $ 9. All these restaurants I mentioned are the most known street of Canoa, Broadway. Do not forget to stop by. The street has an energy so nice, and we still can carry some souvenirs for the family.

Canoa Quebrada also has options for hostels and hotels and cheap. It is a local super romantic, beautiful and with a very good vibe. Who likes reggae, still can enjoy sound cool on the beach. Seriously, if you get a chance to run there.
Liked the tips? Next post the show looks quite simple, I used there.

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2001-12-17 17:06:55 by yeeee_hawwwww


Tell the old foggies to get outta town!
To City's Chagrin, Mayor Lays Bare Old Rules
Civics: Ex-stripper wants to undo years of strict planning in quaint town, critics say. Town's board will weigh her ouster.
GEORGETOWN, Colo. -- The ex-stripper ran for mayor, promising to shake things up. Koleen Brooks won and is agitatin...amage has been done,' said Dave Forristal, the town marshal, whom Brooks has accused of incompetence. 'I try to be an optimist and say this can resolve itself in a sane manner. But I don't see how anymore. It's kind of like a bad marriage--it reaches the point of irreconcilable differences.'
'They want to turn it into a retirement community. I'm pushing for change, and they don't like it.'

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