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Keeping up with Melbourne's calendar of cultural and sporting events can be simply exhausting. Thankfully, Melbourne is surrounded by vibrant regions That inspires winding down, or, if you can not get enough, ramping up the adventure.


Victoria ns much Spend Their Time of living life outdoors. Open spaces, from outback deserts-like yellow-sanded to bayside beaches, attra activity-seekers, wanderers and cheerful weekend holidaymakers. Even city folk in the midst of a working week err to the outside, watching movies under the stars and in parks stretching out to lap up the sunshine. Victoria's towns Have plenty of character and culture outdoor food and wine festivals are Almost a weekly event, farmers markets liven up school ovals, and family-friendly music festivals take place in front of stunning natural backdrops. Established walking and cycling routes help people ditch the car and get closer to nature, and Where there are waves for surfing, gold fields for skiing, or rivers for kayaking, there's Almost always somewhere to rent the gear and someone to lead you in the right direction.


During a bustling gold-rush era in the late 1800s, streets in Melbourne and many of Victoria's small towns Were stamped with architectural wonders. These days many of Those big buildings are luxury hotels or hostels, or theaters bursting with talent, or converted - on the inside - to colorful state-of-the-art galleries. Some of Victoria's best old industrial mills and factories live to see Reviews another century as smart, yet rough-around-the-edges, restaurants, bars and cafes, filled with folk sipping lattes on designer chairs and dining on delicious, locally sourced food.


Explore the cultural make-up of Victoria by popping into an Indigenous cultural center and learning about Victoria as it was pre-settlement or, in Melbourne, go on Indigenous year round along the Yarra or search for trees just outside the CBD That show remnants of indigenous culture. Catch a tram to Richmond and Footscray or meander along a bustling market-like street before heading to a restaurant for fabulous African or Vietnamese cuisine. Hide out in Chinatown's laneways. Hang out in arty Fitzroy. The cultural identity of Victoria and Explained is evident in many of the state's museums and art galleries, and, in Melbourne Itself, we icts walls.


Packing your bags, jumping into the car and heading out of the city is a national pastime. Well-signposted touring routes, helpful information and thousands In centers of different kinds of places to lay your hat make it Almost Easier said than done. To the coast? To the mountains? To the small country towns? Almost you can be guaranteed a friendly welcome, a good coffee (somewhere), and a decent meal to go along with the stunning vistas. The only obstacle is time, make the Most of it.

Trailblazer Publications Australia's Great Ocean Road: Walks, Beaches, Heritage, Towns, Ecology and Sustainable Tourism: The Complete Guide to Southwest Victoria
Book (Trailblazer Publications)
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Tell the old foggies to get outta town!
To City's Chagrin, Mayor Lays Bare Old Rules
Civics: Ex-stripper wants to undo years of strict planning in quaint town, critics say. Town's board will weigh her ouster.
GEORGETOWN, Colo. -- The ex-stripper ran for mayor, promising to shake things up. Koleen Brooks won and is agitatin...amage has been done,' said Dave Forristal, the town marshal, whom Brooks has accused of incompetence. 'I try to be an optimist and say this can resolve itself in a sane manner. But I don't see how anymore. It's kind of like a bad marriage--it reaches the point of irreconcilable differences.'
'They want to turn it into a retirement community. I'm pushing for change, and they don't like it.'

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    Feb 15, 2008 by chinelao_7 | Posted in Other - Canada

    Hey guys, look, by the end of this year I'm gonna complete high school. I intend to study tourism and also to live in canada. What do you guys know about job offers in canada on this area ? Thank you !

    • I dunno if this relates exactly....But you could live in BC and be a guide on the whale watching tours. Or you could work at the castle on Victoria Island.
      You could also be a tour guide at Niagra Falls

      just stuff like that

      Vancouver Island is ALSO KNOWN AS Victoria Island.