Travel packages to Victoria Falls Zambia

Victoria Falls in Zambia

The company Moto Adventures, based in the UK has put on sale a motorcycle trip-adventure from Cape Town to Victoria Falls. And if the route is not very interesting, I intend to share this journey through Africa with Charley Boorman , Ewan McGregor's partner in his world tour. R1200GS o si te sientes más cómodo con una moto más ligera puedes optar por una BMW F650 GS Dakar. The bikes prepared for this path are BMW R1200GS or if you feel more comfortable with a lighter bike can opt for a BMW F650 GS Dakar.

The estimated driving time is 16 days and goes from Cape Town (South Africa) to Victoria Falls (Zambia) about 2500 km along the straight line. The offer of the trip is 15 days accommodation on half-board luxury camps, a course off-road two days in Wales (United Kingdom) with Si Pavey is a former Dakar rider, motorcycle guides two Service vehicles, paid admissions to parks, excursines at sunset and all customs fees. The price of this trip is 6, 950 euros, or 4, 950 if you prefer to pack, but there are only three spaces for 22 people package enabled motorcycle. What is not included in the price are flights to destination and back home, meals, health insurance and complementary activities.

If any of you are pointing to this adventure, please let at least send us photos of the trip, to die green with envy.

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2005-06-12 18:57:19 by Zimbabwe

Part 2

Mr Mugabe shows no sign of following Pol Pot's personal example and moving to a rural mud hut. He continues to live in majesty in an expensive district of Harare, where a strict 6pm-to-6am curfew ensures no one can so much as approach the perimeter wall. Until yesterday, Beauty and her family had lived in a one-room house with mud walls and a corrugated iron and thatched roof. They were one of u...o the majority of the urban poor - have been emptied and burned. Trudy Stevenson, an MP with the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, witnessed hundreds of people being loaded on to trucks and sent one way, while their possessions were taken elsewhere. The government insists that their campaign, dubbed "Murambatsvina", or "drive out trash", was a long-overdue purge of the informal economy.

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  • Avatar E.J. What's the best way to visit Victoria Falls, specifically the Devil's Pool, in Africa?
    Mar 02, 2009 by E.J. | Posted in Other - Africa & Middle East

    What are the best tour packages, safaris, price options, etc.? AND perhaps most importantly - what times of year can you swim in the Devil's Pool at the top of the falls? I would be traveling from Washington, D.C.

    • It would be safest to visit from the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls, as it is very unsettled in Zimbabwe at the moment.

  • Avatar Anisa A Im planning to go 2 africa but not sure what country?
    Oct 16, 2008 by Anisa A | Posted in Other - Africa & Middle East

    What country do you think is best???
    and what languages?????

    • Kasane, Botswana

      it is a small tourist town in the northern region of botswana. it lies right were Botswana, Zambia, Namibia and Zimbabwe meet. the borders are mainly marked by the Zambezi and Chobe Rivers.
      The Zambezi river leads to the Victoria Falls which is not far fro …0.00 (approx.) south africa Rand

      you might also want to check up on Namibia (english language) and the island country of Mauritius( french). both are in southern africa

      basically, you should visit southern africa... which country? it is a tough one, i love them all!

  • Avatar libralynn Advice on traveling within africa?
    Jul 16, 2011 by libralynn | Posted in Other - Africa & Middle East

    I'm interested in touring a few places in africa, specifically victoria falls, mauritius, and zanzibar. i just did a preliminary flight search, and the prices were astronomical, i thought. does anyone happen to know 1) if there are any known travel websites that handle flights within africa? 2) are there any safe, economical ways to travel (ferry, train, and would it be safe to rent a car and drive- i'm thinking no on this one but it's worth asking). i'm an american woman, by the way.

    thank you in advance for any help!

    • Depending on whether you wish to visit the Zambian side or the Zimbabwe side of the Victoria falls. I would suggest the Zambian side (there are lots of lodges on the Zambian side around Livenstone that cater for all budgets) and how long you have for your visit, flights are of course quicker but …th exploring and is relatively safe, Zambian, and Tanzanian people are very helpful and hospitable, you just have to take the usual traveller precautions, observe local customs, don't flaunt your "wealth" camera, jewellery etc and remain calm in a crisis.

      Hope you have fun