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Tourism Victoria, Strategies and Plans

Tourism Victoria is responsible for creating strategies and plans in Conjunction with key industry partners to develop and grow Victoria's tourism industry. Further information is available on Tourism Victoria's corporate web site

Regional Tourism Action plan

Tourism Victoria has released the final Regional Tourism Action Plan 2009-2012 (1.41 kb) . The plan outlines the course for regional tourism for the next three years and fulfils a major direction of the Government's 10 Year Tourism and Events Industry Strategy.

Specific market segment plans have been developed for Victoria's key product and market niche Strengths. These aim to increase enlarge visitation and awareness, and to stimulate growth and development within the tourism industry.

Victoria's Cycle Tourism Action Plan 2011-2015 (2.64Mb)

Victoria's Cycle Tourism Action Plan 2011-2015 has been developed by Tourism Victoria to position Victoria as the leading state for cycle tourism, as well as to outline how the government wants Enhance and leverage opportunities in cycle tourism.

Victoria's Nature-Based Tourism Strategy 2008-2012 (2.77 mb)

Victoria's Nature-based Tourism Strategy 2008-2012, Jointly developed by Tourism Victoria, Parks Victoria and the Department of Sustainability and Environment, Provides a whole-of-government coordinated and strategic approach to policy, planning, development and marketing of the sector to Optimise the economic, social and environmental benefits to Victoria

The Victorian Trails Strategy 2005 -2010 (1.96Mb)

This Victorian Trails Strategy has been developed by the Victorian Trails Coordinating Committee to Ensure the development of an integrated and sustainable trail network did trail meets community and user needs, while uniting the community with a shared vision of Victoria as a premier trail destination.

Victoria's China Tourism Strategy (1.08MB)

Victoria's China Tourism Strategy sets out strategies over coming years to 2020, Chinese to grow overnight visitor expenditure. The Strategy has been the culmination of extensive research and consultation across Victoria and China over the past two years.

The Strategy has five priorities: -

  • Strengthening Victoria's market positioning;
  • Building on Victoria's strong education, migrant and business links with China;
  • Improving visitor access to Victoria;
  • Enhancing the quality of the Chinese visitor experience in Victoria;
  • Aligning tourism investment to the Chinese visitor market.

2008-04-25 20:12:19 by dribblenscribble

Where's the job ad. for BC travel writers?

About a week ago, among the postings for writing jobs in Victoria, I came across a job advert that was seeking creative teams (pairs) who were enthusiastic about travel and who liked to write. The job would entail driving across BC, pretty much living out of your vehicle, and filling out surveys that would rate the quality of various tourism bureaus along the way. I thought I'd read that applica... end of the month, but the job posting no longer appears, so my boyfriend and I -- who love to write -- have no way of submitting the application we've prepared. Can anyone help me find the info as to how to apply? Does anyone happen to have the address copied down? Might the recruiters stumble upon this? For any suggestions, E-mail, or call Holly at 778-989-4147. Thanks.

2008-04-25 20:30:16 by osonegro

Try this office

I didn't see the ad you described, but Tourism BC might be the outfit you are looking for:
Tourism British Columbia
Victoria Office
Box 9830 Stn Prov Govt
3rd Floor,1803 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC V8W 9W5
Tel: 250 356 6363
Fax: 250 356 8246
Here's a link to the service plan:
service_plans/2009/tbc_sp_200607-200809.pdf -

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