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Author (s): Zwingmann, Nicola
Title: Antique tourism in Asia Minor and on the islands. Self-assurance in a foreign
Series: Antiquitas I 59
Location: Bonn
Publisher: Rudolf Habelt Publisher
Year: 2012
ISBN: 978-3-7749-3811-3
Scope / price: Xiv, 498 pp., [14] pp., € 95.00

's Reviewed for H-Soz-u-Kult by:
Andreas Hartmann, Faculty of Philology and History, University of Augsburg
E-mail: andreas.hartmann <>

The field of "Tourism" and traveling has been in the past in various forms repeatedly subject altertumskundlicher publications. The results range from popular treatments up to the widely read monograph by Lionel Casson. [1] The basic preliminary work, however, Ludwig Friedlander had been made ​​for the relevant chapter of the moral history, you will still read with profit. [2] All of these representations have in common is that they are looking for from the contraction of source notes from different chronological and spatial contexts to develop a complete overall picture. The exception is Victoria Foertmeyers working for tourism in ancient Egypt represent that provides the basis of a specific tradition situation an in-depth regional study. [3]

With her dissertation in Tübingen from 2008/09 Nicola Zwingmann has published only as photocopy investigation Foertmeyers now made a similar study for ancient Asia Minor to the side. That's to be welcomed because the amalgamation of scattered and disparate sources - so this alternative approach to cultural and historical issues is often - always involves undue generalizations that obscure temporal trends and regional differences. Deep drilling, examine the material with a temporal or regional restriction, are an important corrective against this background.

The use of the term "tourism" will probably irritate some strict followers Alteritätsthesen a contradiction, but as always it is especially important, to define the terms clean. Zwingmann makes in the introduction and otherwise very clear that she does not understand the existence of travel agencies and cruise companies modern pattern in "tourism". That traveled in ancient times, and at least some travelers - regardless of the occasion of their journey - it also developed a "tourist" interest in monuments and natural wonders, can hardly be seriously disputed. A significant difference to the modern tourism Zwingmann also working out in the absence of a genuine nature romance. Although natural wonders were visited, but historicized aitiologisch in almost all cases of remembrance of a mythical story.

2008-04-25 20:12:19 by dribblenscribble

Where's the job ad. for BC travel writers?

About a week ago, among the postings for writing jobs in Victoria, I came across a job advert that was seeking creative teams (pairs) who were enthusiastic about travel and who liked to write. The job would entail driving across BC, pretty much living out of your vehicle, and filling out surveys that would rate the quality of various tourism bureaus along the way. I thought I'd read that applica... end of the month, but the job posting no longer appears, so my boyfriend and I -- who love to write -- have no way of submitting the application we've prepared. Can anyone help me find the info as to how to apply? Does anyone happen to have the address copied down? Might the recruiters stumble upon this? For any suggestions, E-mail, or call Holly at 778-989-4147. Thanks.

2008-04-25 20:30:16 by osonegro

Try this office

I didn't see the ad you described, but Tourism BC might be the outfit you are looking for:
Tourism British Columbia
Victoria Office
Box 9830 Stn Prov Govt
3rd Floor,1803 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC V8W 9W5
Tel: 250 356 6363
Fax: 250 356 8246
Here's a link to the service plan:
service_plans/2009/tbc_sp_200607-200809.pdf -

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    • I was in canda once with my boyfriend and a bunch of other people and we got given the wrong directions. it was awesome. we were lost and had no where to sleep but we ended up seeing so much more of the place and met all these people we wouldnt have met.
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