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Would you like to attend parties, taste exotic food and drink,ancient cultures meet,live with kangaroos and koalas, swim with sea lions,walk beautiful beaches and take pictures of all these places?What if convirtieras these activities in your work?It sounds idyllic,it is now possible.

The Office of Tourism Australia has launched a global campaign called The best jobs in the world ,aimed at young travelers 18 to 30 years who enjoy the new emotions and experiences only,and have very good English.The six lucky will receive a salary of $ 100, 000 Australians working for six months in paradise.

Tourism Australia sponsors these six jobs in different states in order to promote the country worldwide.So is Tourism Australia's successful campaign to recover the best job in the world,which in 2009 launched the State of Queensland offering a job as Park Ranger and had a spectacular reception.

The April 10th is the deadline for registration, so do not hesitate!Only you have to register through their website and within 48 hours you'll know if you've passed the first stage of recruitment.And if you happen to elected or chosen,will begin work next August 1.


Choose your ideal job

Chief Funster

The lucky to be chosen for this position will be based in Sydney and work traveling around the State of New South Wales as a commentator on social media, attending events around the state,including food festivals, lifestyle,sports ,cultural events,entertainment and art.

Park Ranger

The basic requirement for the job is that you like nature.You'll have to check the temperature of the crystal clear water and beautiful beaches patrol the state of Queensland.You will visit the forest, spectacular waterfalls,pristine beaches, discover fossils of dinosaurs, and meet the indigenous culture and marine life.

Photographer Freestyle

If you are one of those tourists who photograph it all,this is definitely your ideal workplace.Will work as a photojournalist for Time Out Melbourne capturing unique images throughout the State of Victoria: walking the streets of Melbourne,visiting bars hidden on rooftops,flying balloon places,attend music festivals or events,photographing a small penguin research Phillip Island or how they make wine.


2004-01-12 14:16:25 by Winter_Traveller

Vancouver to Victoria Ferry

The boy and I will be visiting Vancouver from the 22nd through 25th. We want to take the ferry over to Victoria one day. The Vanouver tourism official site says it's a four hour trip one-way, while the Ferry site says it's 1 1/2 hours. Any clue on the descrepancy?
Also, how neccessary is a car in Victoria? Should we bring along our rental car or leave it behind?

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Tourism in Victoria is a $16 billion industry, accounting for 5 per cent of the state's economy in 2011, according to the latest available figures from Tourism Victoria.

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  • Avatar drew13au Where do go for Complaints about a Victoria Info. Centre?
    Jun 12, 2009 by drew13au | Posted in Other - Destinations

    I have recently been to halls gap, Victoria Australia & have been given incorrect & misleading infmation that if I didnt know area well would cause me to get LOST!!

    Just wondering is There Like a head office I can complain about a Tourist Info centre??

    • I was in canda once with my boyfriend and a bunch of other people and we got given the wrong directions. it was awesome. we were lost and had no where to sleep but we ended up seeing so much more of the place and met all these people we wouldnt have met.
      moral of the story - chilllll

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    Oct 07, 2008 by GG2 | Posted in Homework Help

    Ok i have to do this so pls help me :D. its for austrlia only.
    who is head of federal government?
    who is head of state government(victoria)?
    what are the people in state governemnt
    responsible for?

    thanks heaps!

    best answer i swear 10 points :D

    • The head of state is the Prime Minister, who I recall is Kevin Rudd.

      Queen Elizabeth the II is the head of state of both Victoria and Australia.

      Professor David de Kretser is the Governor of the state of Victoria as of 7 April 2006.

      Legislativ …regions of the State and increase the living standards of all Victorians.

      Department of Planning and Community Development
      Community and Further Education Board
      Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Corporation (Now defunct)
      Victorian Multicultural Commission