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International media networks - AsiaNet Sydney, Australia June 21, 2013 Power: a U.S. financial graduate student, a Brazilian travel photographer, an Irish internet entrepreneur, a French tourist graduate student, an English fashion designer and a movie a Canadian adventure tour, beat from 196 countries and regions, 330, 000 competitors won Tourism Australia's "World's Best Work" contest prize.

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Global competition finals today (6 月 21 日 (星期五)) held in Sydney and will work to:

Andrew Smith (United States): Play Daren (New South Wales)

Roberto Seba (Brazil): Lifestyle Photographer (Melbourne, Victoria)

Alan Dixon (Ireland): Inland Adventurer (Northern Territory)

ELISA Detrez (France): National park rangers (Queensland)

Rich Keam (England): Enjoy Masters (Western Australia)

Greg & Snell (Canada): Wildlife Caretaker (South Australia)

By the seventh working grant from the U.S. Virgin Australia Airlines Cameron Ernst, he flew to fly over the country, is the airline's new "flying ace, " he declared Australia's best customer service guide experiences.

Tourism Australia Global Competition 18 finalists in the past week in Australia conducted a series of nature-based adventures, involving food, social media and photography challenges and evaluation, which is the final part of the strict selection process.

Tourism Australia managing director Andrew McEvoy said the competition has been very intense, but the performance of all the finalists are worthy of high praise.

McEvoy said: "I think all the 18 finalists in this competition great enthusiasm and effort invested congratulate each successful candidate in the application process have demonstrated incredible talent, energy and desire I'm sure they will work exhibits these positive attitude. "

He went on to say: "I want to thank from around the world 196 countries and regions, more than 330, 000 dreams for our six showed interest and encourage them to use the holiday to Australia to work or come to experience Australia is unique. "

McEvoy said that on the whole the real winner is Australia's natural beauty and diversity, because this contest, Australia has demonstrated to the world's nearly 200 countries and regions.

He said: "The important thing is that this 'Best Job' contest following youth movement have been achieved, Virgin Australia airlines and travel agents booking STA has increased, see Tourism Australia working holiday abroad programs in Australia a surge of interest. "

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2013-01-11 20:35:58 by Jekyll_Island_Club

How the real Crocodile Dundee died.

Rodney William Ansell, the rugged Aussie whose real life exploits inspired the Crocodile Dundee movies, died in a shootout with Australian police who had come (to confiscate his unregistered firearms. Oh, you didn't read about it in our ‘free’ press? That's cause it never appeared.
Ansell had been named 1988 Australian Man of the Year for inspiring the movie and putting Australia on the To...ory of Australia in many ways parallels that of the U.S. In the 1860's it had pioneering settlers like our own Western migration. With just 19 million people, Australia has an impressive fauna including plenty of varmints like marsupials and dingoes which wreak havoc on ranchers' livestock. Yet hunting and Varmint eradication is prohibited for all but a handful of rich and connected Australians.

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