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From the Australian Tourism Bureau, to November this year, Guangzhou to Australia flights will be increased to 24 classes per week, respectively, to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. In addition, starting this weekend, will be held in Guangzhou Tianhe City Summer Festival grand style in Australia, Guangzhou people can feel close to the southern hemisphere colorful charm.

It is understood that carnival organized by China Southern Airlines, Tourism Queensland, New South Wales, Australia, and the Australian Tourism Tourism Victoria jointly held. By then, the Australian Consul General in Guangzhou Mr. Du Keran Tan Wan Geng, general manager of China Southern Airlines and all will come to the event. From August 20 to August 22, held in Guangzhou, the three-day enrichment activities include: Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria Travel Specialists depth travel Raiders, as well as fun interactive experience, the colorful Australia beauty MAY audiences; wine experts will also visit the site for the audience about Australia's rich and unique flavors of wines and the wine and food scene professor with a secret, the audience more personally mellow tasting wine in Australia; most exciting China Southern flights to the number of on-site promotions, viewers can bid for a super price to ticket from Guangzhou and Australia, to complete their Australian travel dreams.

It is understood that, with the steady growth of the two economies, between China and Australia are very tourists and showed a growing momentum. To this end, China Southern Airlines will launch on November 1 this year, Guangzhou - Brisbane route, the citizens of Guangzhou in southern China as well as Chinese tourists between Queensland, Australia will become more convenient. Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, Australia, is second only to Sydney and Melbourne, Australia's third largest city and a famous tourist destination, the world famous Great Barrier Reef and the Gold Coast is located in the state. Three shifts per week fly the route. Meanwhile, China Southern Airlines also encrypts Guangzhou - Sydney, Guangzhou - Melbourne flights of Guangzhou - Sydney daily intervals increased to two shifts per day, the Guangzhou - Melbourne three times a week increased to class every day, I believe will bring more tourists Select China Southern Airlines, and falls in love vibrant Australia.

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Australian Government does the right thing..

Government comes to atheist party
Michael Bachelard
May 15, 2011

THE ''four horsemen of the anti-apocalypse'', the world's most prominent atheists, will share a public platform for the first time in Melbourne next year in an event partly funded by the state government.
The Global Atheist Convention, ''A Celebration of Reason'', will host authors Richard Dawk...It will be the biggest global event for atheism ever, and it probably won't be repeated,'' he said.
One of the four, American author and academic Daniel Dennett, told The Sunday Age that the horsemen theme was ''amusing'' and confirmed that, apart from one videotaped meeting in Christopher Hitchens's apartment about five years ago, they had ''never shared a podium before''
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