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Oslo Pass allows free admission to most museums in the capital as well as various means of transport. By living in Oslo, there are several ways to monetize this package on a weekend. This obviously depends on the program that we set ourselves. We tested several options for you.

oslopass 2010 Oslo Pass, offered by the city of Oslo, allows use of all public transport, visiting thirty museums and monuments, and parking on the Oslo municipal car parks, all for free. It also offers discounts on city tours or rental cars. Francofil The 'focused on the interest of the tourist package and tested several programs. According to his tastes and desires, it may be a purchase quite relevant.

Program 1: Architecture and Contemporary Art
Saturday morning walk along Aker Brygge then crossing the Akershus Fortress. Visit the Architecture Museum (free) and lunch on site or nearby. In the afternoon stroll in the neighborhood of Kvadraturen discovery galleries. After a coffee break on the deck of MS Innvik where you can sit and watch the New Opera, discovery of this building harmonious signed Snøhetta. From the upper terrace, wide panorama of Oslo and the fjord. To conclude the afternoon, walk along Karl Johan. In the evening, why not indulge in a jazz concert at Herr Nilsen where the Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria. Sunday after an early morning quiet, visit Frogner Park (free admission). Transport tram to bohemian Grunerløkka (lunch on site). To end the day, visit the latest exhibition DogA (architecture and design).

> The cost of this program (besides the food) is limited to tickets and the purchase of Oslo Pass is not justified.

Program 2: Munch & Traditions
Saturday morning, visit the Ibsen Museum (85 NOK) and walk along the Karl Johan Avenue. Visit the Nasjonal Galleri (free) and lunch in the area. Metro (T-bahn) to Tøyen. Visit the Munch Museum (75 NOK - free between October 1 and March 31) and walk in the botanical garden. Sunday, public bus (line 30) to the small peninsula Bygdøy and discovery Viking Ship (60 NOK) and Folk Museum (100 NOK). Back Akker Brygge. After lunch, visit the interiors of the Akershus Fortress (65 NOK).

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In Bethlehem, the Silent Nights Are Eerie

Tourists Flee City of Peace As Conflict Saps Spirits
By Hanna Rosin
Washington Post Staff
BETHLEHEM, West Bank -- In any other December, a pilgrim would recognize the road to the traditional birthplace of Jesus by its sparkle and cheer: white angels floating above the treetops, cab drivers in Santa Claus suits.
This year, the only objects festooning the road are an not even apologize to me.' She threw down her black purse and walked out of the room.
Johnny's sister Alice, 7, hopes only for child-size Christmas miracles. For the year before he was shot, Johnny was the only one in the family working, as a clerk in his uncle's store. As such, he was the one to give out the allowances. So for Christmas, Alice wants the candy she can no longer afford.

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