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Inicia repunte turístico en “La Pesca”Egidio Torre Cantú government provides public phone TOURISM 01, 800, 801 (8874) and website for free consultations on tourist destinations: Monica Gonzalez CD.VICTORIA,Tamaulipas. - As a result of the work of operators and authorities,travel to beach Fishing in Soto la Marina have shown an upward trend in the beginning of season during the weekend promotions.SEDET 02 PRESS PHOTO 0406

According to service providers,during the last weekend in June,the occupation came to one hundred percent in the Rivera Hotel and Marina River River,while charter buses were received in hotels San Juan,Coral and Fishing .

From 28 to 30 June,traders estimated an influx of over 700 guests,among whom were visitors from Texas,who did not visit the destination since 2010.SEDET January 0406 PRESS PHOTO

In this regard,Mónica González García,head of the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism Tamaulipas (SEDET),explained that the coordination between authorities,operators and sports clubs has boosted tourism in beach Fishing.

With the support of Governor Egidio Torre Cantú,Tamaulipas has been publicly available telephone TOURISM 01, 800, 801 (8874) and the website for free consultations on destinations.

For Fishing,promotions weekend rallies have also affected sales for the sectors of trade,restaurateur and services.

In this summer season,operators and authorities have organized caravan trips Fishing on weekends to take advantage of promotions tourist destination.

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