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■ Marie home garden is one of the most elegant public farm. Network animal appeared, almost over the wall in order? But Melbourne's farm no walls, nor crab, mud horse should turn into a "real Q." To Caichang tourists, it is best not to destroy the harmony tranquility here. Our dwelling scarcity of land, Esq acre farm has to calculate.■ after the sun at 9:00, just a cup of tea. In the expanse of grass count sheep, to be a landlord when you dream it ...... barefoot bolted stepped feces are not afraid enough. Reporter, Photo: Choi Wai Man Acknowledgement: Professional Travel, Tourism Australia, Tourism Victoria, Qantas Airways

Enlarge the countryside to be a luxury dream

■ Marie home garden is one of the most elegant public farm.

If you want to build a Hong Kong-style farm in Melbourne real estate ads, it should be effortless.■ eye will be determined by three mud horse, kawaii over Hello Kitty. Big house, ghost girl, mountain, horse all ready, and even save CG are buried, is not the "six-star classic palace noble mansion"? To promote Hong Kong and of course the Hawker. Farmstays in Australia a long time, designed to allow the grain, regardless of city people while the holiday Hermitage garden ...... Link much. More than an hour's drive from Melbourne Airport is scattered farm land. There are hundreds of hundreds of sheep, dozens of cattle, a few dozen chickens plus a few horses have big hills?■ glowing heaters, sweet potatoes can be baked chicken wings better. Ranging from the 60-8, 500 acres! To know the whole Hong Kong Island have failed to 20, 000 acres, enough of the pain of dwelling, it was famous in his happy state. Different farms have different personalities, like sheep chicken dog or apples and oranges, your choice! Host family also having regard to their own "specialty" and seasonal arrange activities, shaving wool, milking is often meals, picking flowers is also enjoyable cooking whole pie. White with red roof of me, seeing the network in recent years, red, of course, to have mud horse animal roar quasi-guarded mansion friends. To clarify preferences when booking agent and numbers can be. Farm accommodation arrangements by Downunder Farmstays

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■ after the sun at 9:00, just a cup of tea.

Follow animal footprints, came to the home of Marie and Rodney. 160 acres in the "farm community" is only a pediatrician. But horsetail drifting on the turf, very dreamy! Horse behind suddenly flashed two furry white shadow. Although we are all "horse, " but long neck short legs look simple-minded, mud horse is obviously not genuine verse dumping. We waited animal holding hay look back, just to seize the opportunity pictured. But they coax a coax, slight improvement in transaction will turn around and go. Curious thin guts to deal with mud horse can only sit back and wait, and so they think you're a tree, it will naturally came to open the meal. White alpaca fertilizer after shaving lean a lot, and had had obvious marks. Australia has been the winter, do not like to take cold "baked" a new hair? They came away from fellow South Australia, is to be a "real Q." "Mud horse doing watchmen of the microphone to prevent crab invasion?" Conditions of entry of plants and animals in Australia are extremely strict, no anchor crab prices. Rely mainly on mud horse "camel stand flock" to scare away the momentum eyeing the wolf. The wolf is not a short-sightedness? Really did not see that round sharp-eyed mud horse ears, boiled cooked nugget of twas?

■ room a girl winds. ■ whirlpool cats are the only animals can enter the room. ■ lavender still in full bloom in the winter. ■ imperfect apples, no waxing skin eating and peace of mind.

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Mankiller pt. I

There is an unnamed specias of tree on a tiny south Pacific island which I can't name because the tree is protected by international treaty. The locals have a name for the tree: Mankiller. They respect the tree and keep a safe distance from it. Tourists are not so lucky.
Because the islanders are self-sufficient, their lifestyles don't rely on tourism. Their king makes a fortune from a bears a startling resemblance to a human body. When shown pictures of one of these leaves, a Los Angeles medical examiner was convinced that he was looking at a human body.
When tourists see the "body" lying on the ground, they naturally rush towards it and offer assistance to the prostrate person. This is when the Mankiller envelops the tourist in tendrils and enjoys a satisfying meal.

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