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Secretary to meet social and cultural expert Pacific Asia Travel Association

2011-09-15 20:46:00 Source: Tourism Authority

Social and Cultural Secretary Changyu today (the 15th) met with Pacific Asia Travel Association Task Force.

Secretary Changyu Macau Government Tourist Office João Manuel Costa Antunes,accompanied by the Tourism Activities Centre met Task Force led by Andrew Drysdale.Group by a number of experts in different areas.

Changyu thanked the Task Force came to Australia visits and participation in research work. He also experts Introduction Macau tourism development.The Task Force Leader Andrew Drysdale visit was informed on the status of active exchange with the Secretary.

Attending the meeting were the Macau Government Tourism Bureau Deputy Director Manuel Pires and organizational planning and development department director Cheng Weidong and so on.

Macau Government Tourist Office invites Pacific Asia Travel Association set up a task force to Macau as the world tourism and leisure center of the target conduct research and to develop future tourism policies and programs to provide professional advice and recommendations.

Team members include aviation services consulting firm,Executive Director Andrew Drysdale,general manager of the Sydney trade exhibition Jonathan Hutchison,Belle Tourism International Consulting CEO Alastair Morrison,professor at the University of Victoria in Melbourne,Australia Lindsay Turner,director of the Association for Tourism Brand Susan Warren,Green Earth Organization CEO Stewart Raymond Moore and Dai Bin,president of China Tourism Research Institute.

Changyu met with Pacific Asia Travel Association Task Force

Changyu with the Task Force and the Tourism Bureau and other photo

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2007-10-16 20:25:22 by -

Mankiller pt. I

There is an unnamed specias of tree on a tiny south Pacific island which I can't name because the tree is protected by international treaty. The locals have a name for the tree: Mankiller. They respect the tree and keep a safe distance from it. Tourists are not so lucky.
Because the islanders are self-sufficient, their lifestyles don't rely on tourism. Their king makes a fortune from a bears a startling resemblance to a human body. When shown pictures of one of these leaves, a Los Angeles medical examiner was convinced that he was looking at a human body.
When tourists see the "body" lying on the ground, they naturally rush towards it and offer assistance to the prostrate person. This is when the Mankiller envelops the tourist in tendrils and enjoys a satisfying meal.

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