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Arrived with jet lag, 500 delegates from around the world landed in May in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, to deliberate on the future of tourism in Africa.To allow them to relax, the Office of Tourism of Zimbabwe, who hosted the congress of the Africa Travel Association (ATA), had organized lots of entertainment.Delegates visited the Victoria Falls one of the seven wonders of the world where they participated in bungee jumping, practiced the giant swing in the gorges and zip over the Zambezi River.They then went on safari to meet the lions and elephants.Later, they enjoyed the local cuisine and have trémoussés the rhythm of traditional music.

The intention of the host was clear: see, feel and believe. She urged the tourism ministers of Ghana, Namibia, Uganda and other African optimistic to believe in the potential of the continent country. U.S. Ambassador Charles A. Ray said: "Even with the political uncertainty reigns, Zimbabwe is potentially a huge market."


In 2004, supporters of the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) has approved an action plan to make Africa the "destination of the twenty-first century." Taleb Rifai, Secretary General of the World Health Organization (UNWTO), has recently said: "Africa has been one of the areas where tourism has increased over the last ten years .... If the investments are sound, tourists come in greater number, investors will experience excellent returns, jobs will be created and the economy as a whole will benefit. "The industry already employs about 7.7 million people in Africa. Mr. Rifai presented data showing a steady increase in the number of tourists in Africa, 37 million in 2003 to 58 million in 2009.

Tourism revenues are a vital source for many economies. Approximately 50% of the product in-TER AL (GDP) from the Seychelles tourism, 30% in Cape Verde, 25% in Mauritius and 16% in Gambia. The World Bank reports that tourism represents 8.9% of GDP in East Africa, 7.2% in North Africa, 5.6% in West Africa and 3.9% in Southern Africa. And only 1% in Central Africa.


Africa may well boast, it has a relatively low share of international tourist arrivals. In 2011, the world has recorded 980 million international tourist arrivals, with only 50 million in Africa. However, according to the WTO, Africa continues to receive more tourists than the Caribbean, Central America and South America combined.

North Africa posted a loss of 12% in 2011 compared to the previous year due to the political instability in the region, affecting the part of the continent's international arrivals. But this loss was partially offset by a slight increase of 7% in sub-Saharan Africa, where arrivals grew by 2 million. Overall, the 2011 data show that Africa has a better performance than the Middle East, whose arrivals fell by 5 million. According to the WTO, large benefi-ciaries of the continent are generally Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia and Mauritius.


What attracts tourists to a country, region or continent? Sven Brun, a Norwegian, told Africa Renewal, "I wanted to see something different in Europe, so I decided to visit Kenya and Tanzania I felt something dif-ferent, and j. 'likes it. "Group reflection McKinsey Global Institute, argues that tourists are attracted to countries with good infrastructure, safety, security, and sanitation. Janet Kiwia, the gen-eral manager of Jet World Travel and Tours in Tanzania adds that bad roads, poorly maintained airports, power outages and other shortcomings away tourists.

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Mankiller pt. I

There is an unnamed specias of tree on a tiny south Pacific island which I can't name because the tree is protected by international treaty. The locals have a name for the tree: Mankiller. They respect the tree and keep a safe distance from it. Tourists are not so lucky.
Because the islanders are self-sufficient, their lifestyles don't rely on tourism. Their king makes a fortune from a bears a startling resemblance to a human body. When shown pictures of one of these leaves, a Los Angeles medical examiner was convinced that he was looking at a human body.
When tourists see the "body" lying on the ground, they naturally rush towards it and offer assistance to the prostrate person. This is when the Mankiller envelops the tourist in tendrils and enjoys a satisfying meal.

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