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▲ yellow duckling rushing in Hong Kong, is a berth in the harbor.

Came to Hong Kong Victoria Harbour is an important must visit attractions. Yellow ducklings before rushing Hong Kong berth is in Victoria Harbour. Hong Kong was once sleepy fishing village has developed into today's "Asia's World City", this natural deepwater haven contributed.

Victoria Harbour incessant shuttle cargo, sailing, sampans and luxury cruises, with row upon row of skyscrapers, to piece together a unique style of sea landscape. To experience the beauty of Victoria Harbour different, the Hong Kong Tourism Board recommended, passengers boarded the sightseeing boat tour may wish to try them, or on both sides of Victoria Harbour viewing platform viewing day and night views.

Avenue of Stars
▲ "Avenue of Stars" is a movie-themed attractions. (Map / from Hong Kong Tourism Authority website)

"Avenue of Stars" is a movie-themed attractions, there are over a hundred ground plaque engraved with a number of famous Hong Kong movie star and director of the handprints and signatures. Here you can not only claim to celebrity "signature", "handshake", even with the international martial arts star Bruce Lee, Hong Kong, a bronze statue of cartoon characters McDull photo. In addition, every month there are about thirty of music, dance, theater and other performances or exhibitions staged here.

Symphony of Lights
▲ night 8:00 staged "A Symphony of Lights" show. (Map / from Hong Kong Tourism Authority website)

Night 8:00 staged "A Symphony of Lights" show, a total of five themes: the prelude to the "rising sun" to start, then a "surging vitality", "The future" and "create brilliant", and finally presents " celebrate "as the finale. "A Symphony of Lights" no ticket, free for visitors and the general public to enjoy.
Harbour Cruises
▲ exposure to the central harbor, to experience a whole new perspective of Hong Kong's vitality and dynamism. (Map / from Hong Kong Tourism Authority website)
Victoria Harbour is one of Hong Kong's most precious asset, participate in different Harbour Cruises tours, where you can choose sightseeing boat or junk, not the same passenger excursions in Victoria Harbour, outside the central harbor, to experience a whole new perspective of Hong Kong vitality and dynamism.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Golden Bauhinia Square
▲ Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Victoria Harbour, which is a most eye-catching building. (Map / from Hong Kong Tourism Authority website)

Destination Victoria
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Where's the job ad. for BC travel writers?

About a week ago, among the postings for writing jobs in Victoria, I came across a job advert that was seeking creative teams (pairs) who were enthusiastic about travel and who liked to write. The job would entail driving across BC, pretty much living out of your vehicle, and filling out surveys that would rate the quality of various tourism bureaus along the way. I thought I'd read that applica... end of the month, but the job posting no longer appears, so my boyfriend and I -- who love to write -- have no way of submitting the application we've prepared. Can anyone help me find the info as to how to apply? Does anyone happen to have the address copied down? Might the recruiters stumble upon this? For any suggestions, E-mail, or call Holly at 778-989-4147. Thanks.

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