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Victoria afternoon─ BC Provincial Tourism documentary three

I am keen to diet and travel,before the newspaper work,lucky to be allocated to food news line,also once ran tourist line,which is closely related to the two lines can be complementary in fact,the biggest advantage of being a travel reporter,is that we can priority access to complete information on tourist attractions firsthand,and can take precedence over others experience the depth tours.Like this "Vancouver Food Tour" because destined to travel with a group of reporters were friendly,let me once again to grasp opportunities,sorting out the "fine play through Vancouver" new tricks.Throughout the trip trip,every day in the morning,afternoon,night time,I have to grasp every second,not willing to waste,so that their cultural customs of this land have more understanding.
In British Columbia Tourism Bureau manager is Christine's Tourism Vancouver Daren bother arrangement,never forget to always stressed that he is Vancouver's me,"Vancouver will always have endless unique style" more certain!But to be honest,if this trip less of a professional guide,where are they able to upon arrival,then get the full text introduced for reference,I may be difficult to determine,for once passed through the trip,there will be different in past superficial and cursory feelings.I was ashamed to even question their own past,is how to bring friends know in BC? Limited understanding of the navigation crude,was also triumphant,now think of it,really great blush!Even this time with the group of friends travel,Esther,because several visits Vancouver,BC,to listen to her talk about all sorts,are clearly and logically,lively and interesting,so I just nodded copies.So,spend money traveling really pen "smart spending",if not experts lead the way,you have to do your homework in advance,all the precious information are collected before the line enough to enjoy unforgettable depth travel.
Mentioned earlier,I came to Victoria,Butchart Gardens is not the first time,the past comes the time in the spring,flowers bloom very lush,this time walking in the same garden path on the road to watch the flowers apparently a lot less. But the interesting thing is that I Butchart Gardens on the goodwill,but far better than any time before to visit,listen carefully to the introduction of professional navigation indeed a lot worse,it makes me and this garden real "acquaintance" rather than only encounter.That promise a large garden,a trash can,a leading restaurant Chasi the door,or even a golden afternoon sun shone over the field of vision,make me unite the mind,whom stop stop,made a special trip with my everyday purchase new camera,capturing Xu Li sunlight,each still life images showing the moment.I think this is probably with us to see the same movie over and over again,the mood is the same strike?When we first see a movie,the director may not fully understand the interpretation of the idea,but in resistant heart calmed down,watched over and over again,we really found a movie really attracted us,is in its one hundred do not see greasy taste.
In advanced countries,lending a trash can so beautiful.
Inside and outside the threshold threshold.
Butchart garden restaurant in the afternoon also Chasi,is a good place for visitors to rest and quench their thirst.

Victorian tourism strategy: Statement (Economic strategy for Victoria statement)
Book (Victorian Tourism Commission)
2009-11-16 13:03:47 by cas111498

Victoria Beckham

Victoria and Brooklyn Beckham recently took some time out to travel and visit underprivileged children in Kentucky in conjunction with the Save the Children Foundation. Posh and Brooklyn played soccer with the kids and handed out backpacks and shoes. She also talked about bringing her oldest son to visit the area saying, "I'm pleased Brooklyn is learning that by helping and joining other children he can play a role in making his generation the greatest yet." Victoria sounds determined to teach her boys to help others, while in her own career her camp denied that Posh's next move is starting a modeling agency.

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