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Penang nostalgic trip ~ Day 2 Georgetown Historic District

In Penang the next day, wake up has also been 8:00, so freshen up ready to start today's trip.

OLD PENANG have breakfast, all buffet style, with its own access to the table on toast, jam, tea, coffee and chopped fruit, although simple but sufficient. But also their own eating utensils to the kitchen to wash and dry, we are very well-behaved will automatically cutlery taken away.

Incidentally, the Internet in the lobby, look at Taiwan News.

Today we decided to rent a motorcycle, just have to rent hotel door, the price is 24 hours a day RM30, return the car to fill the tank. Car owner is also a Chinese, looks pretty fierce, but an opening speech was very funny, we went with him for a while before starting Sahara.

First along the beach to find the clock tower, this tower is the year to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria ascended the throne was built. Originally thought to be a long time from the hotel to this, I did not expect a sudden to go.

Bell tower next to a pier and boat to Langkawi and other places, so there are a few travel agencies nearby. Here there is a stall, kept meaning to our admissions.

So this is a bet on the ship's itinerary, there are a lot of entertainment too!

Night meals just RM70 yeah! Coupled with the never ending costs are also not very expensive, somewhat similar to the consortium made the trip, either we do not have time to play really want to go by boat.

Motorcycle ride farther, it is a large lawn area, here are the fort, as well as former British colonial government, like here is the former TOWN HALL.

Next door is a former British during the town hall, although the area is not very wide, but the appearance is very delicate.

This town hall was in 1982 was listed as historic sites.

Here is really full of Victorian style! Here you can see many Westerners wandering, I think they are in the memory of the British Empire when it flourishing?

Sea War Memorial.

This George Town in Penang this area in the northeast corner, so it is easy to see the sea.

City Hall, next to the park, you can enjoy the scenery of the North Coast.


There are also some Chinese historical buildings, like this is the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce.

In Penang, another good way to explore the historic city is to take this tricycle, which can be loaded with tourists traveled to the major monuments, just do not know how much the price?

Penang's weather is very hot, so I borrowed BOBBY wear a long-sleeved shirt to avoid sunburn, but the weather is hot stroll up really tired, I want to rest.

Just a parking place next to the restaurant, there are a lot of people, I decided to come here to eat something.

The original sold here are in Indian cuisine meals.

Do the dishes so the pot a pot placed next to the stage, perhaps some people can not accept this restaurant, but we found it funny.

Guests will also store a lot of it! In addition, there are some Indians than Chinese in here to eat.

It seems the price is not expensive, but not on the menu a word is recognized, had requested direct boss recommended.

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2009-11-16 13:03:47 by cas111498

Victoria Beckham

Victoria and Brooklyn Beckham recently took some time out to travel and visit underprivileged children in Kentucky in conjunction with the Save the Children Foundation. Posh and Brooklyn played soccer with the kids and handed out backpacks and shoes. She also talked about bringing her oldest son to visit the area saying, "I'm pleased Brooklyn is learning that by helping and joining other children he can play a role in making his generation the greatest yet." Victoria sounds determined to teach her boys to help others, while in her own career her camp denied that Posh's next move is starting a modeling agency.

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