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Travel Insurance - 5 Reasons to See convince you.

Some people insist on traveling without a cover of a travel insurance or travel assistance.To Rosilene Farias,Travel Insurance is perhaps more important than the actual passport: "Unfortunately during our trip my husband suddenly fell ill and had to be hospitalized and operated in a hurry ... do not even want to think how we would pay the hospital bill if I had not an Insurance Travel.After that I advise all of my family to buy a good travel insurance before Traveling. "Insurance Travel is also much more than a health insurance,it can also cover extra expenses if you have misplaced your trip,says Vanessa Silva who had his luggage lost during a trip to Las Vegas and had to buy new clothes: "I still do not find my luggage,I was very angry,so that my travel insurance was good and had decent coverage in case of loss of baggage" says Vanessa.

1) Travel Insurance covers Lost Luggage? Travel Insurance and Travel Assistance cover lost luggage,if the airline lost your luggage during the trip,you can contact the insurance company and inform them about the incident.The Insurer will provide you the information how to use the cover of lost luggage and will also assist you with the airline to find your luggage in advance.

2) Coverage and Medical Assistance - In the event of a medical problem,you may contact the insurer that it will inform you in detail how to proceed.This coverage is very important example can travel to Europe (and very expensive medical care in Euros) and also to travel to the United States where medical services are the most expensive in the world!Have you ever wondered how much an emergency visit to treat a broken arm for example?If you do the math of money,for example,you realize that there is no reason not to buy a travel insurance .

3) Coverage for emergency purchase of Remedies "Pharmaceutical Care" - Coverage of pharmacy items is undoubtedly very convenient when included in a travel insurance.Suppose you are traveling to Europe during the European winter.The change in temperature (out of Brazil with 30C and arrives in Paris for example with-3C) can usually cause a sudden flu. With this coverage,the medicines prescribed by the doctor and purchased by you is reimbursed by the insurer.

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